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What Makes A Trustworthy SEO Company?

As a business owner or webmaster, you want your website to land on the first page of Google. To get that first-page listing, you might need to enlist a trustworthy seo company. When you have higher search page visibility, you can increase the number of visits to your website. This can get you more name recognition for your brand, as well as more sales for your business. A trustworthy SEO company can help you achieve this.

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Trustworthy SEO Company Services

If you don’t have the expertise and time to get your web page that first-page ranking, you can end up doing more harm than good. In this circumstance, it would make sense to hire the services of knowledgeable SEO professionals.

Ask these seven questions whenever you plan on hiring a trustworthy SEO company. The answers to these questions can mean the difference between the first page of Google and disappearing sales.

Could You Give Me a List of Your Past and Current Clients?

SEO consultants should always give you a list of their past and present clients, as well as their contact information. Once you get this list, talk to a couple of business owners on the list. Doing this will let you determine how effective the SEO company is in their past work. You can also take the time to verify that the consultant did indeed work with the client on a certain campaign. While former clients will probably not give you specifics about their campaigns, they can tell you whether the consultant’s work positively impacted their search engine rankings.

How Exactly Will You Improve My Rankings in Search Engines?

Never sign up with an SEO consultant who won’t discuss their methods with you. An SEO company should always tell you how they would increase the rankings of your website in search engines. They should also let you know their timetable for meeting the SEO goals you previously discussed with the consultant in your first contact.

When picking an SEO company, ensure that the company’s proposal includes a technical review, which is a report of your website’s problems that could negatively affect your rankings. The potential SEO company or consultant should also include their process for making your website Google-friendly.

Do You Follow the Webmaster Guidelines of the Search Engines?

You will always want to hire an SEO consultant that strictly adheres to Google’s webmaster guidelines. If the potential company breaks these rules, your website could end up in the nether regions of Google’s rankings. In certain circumstances, Google could outright ban your website from its rankings altogether.

Do You Guarantee #1 Rankings on the Search Engines?

Never hire an SEO consultant or company who answers “yes” to this question. No SEO professional can guarantee number one rankings on Google and other search engines. However, unscrupulous companies do this all the time. If a company tells you they have the “inside track” at Google and can get you a priority rank on the search engine page of your choice, run, don’t walk, in the other direction.

Are You Successful at Improving a Client’s Local Search Engine Results?

If you own a small brick and mortar business, you should hire an SEO consultant that has experienced success in helping clients get top search results locally. Ensure that any professional you hire optimizes your website for local SEO.

Are You Willing to Tell Me About Any Changes You Make to My Site?

When a consultant optimizes your website, they will probably have to make a few changes to your website’s code. You should always know what changes the consultant will make and why they are doing it. If you want the professional to ask you permission before they make any changes to your website’s code, let them know during the hiring process.

How Do You Track the Results Of Your SEO Campaigns?

Any SEO consultant you hire should know their way around Google Analytics, which tracks the web traffic that comes to your website and lets you know where it originates. Ask how often the consultant plans on sharing their findings with you. Also, ask how they would use the results from Google Analytics to continually increase your site’s traffic and search engine rankings.

Watch the video below. Google’s Maile Ohye shares her tips regarding selecting an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert to improve the search experience of your website.

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